Engineering Leadership

Graham Hawkes, a Legend

Graham Hawkes, an ocean engineer/inventor and DeepFlight’s founder, designed a significant percentage of all manned submersibles and more than 300 remote underwater vehicles built for research or industry worldwide. This is including the Wasp and Mantis Atmospheric Diving Suits, the Deep Rover research submersibles, and the DeepFlight series of winged submersibles. In the early 1990’s, Mr. Hawkes co-founded, with Dr. Sylvia Earle, Deep Ocean Engineering, which manufactures a significant portion of ROVs now in use for military and civilian purposes worldwide

World Class Engineering and Management Team

DeepFlight’s engineering team has years of industry-leading experience innovating, building, and operating the world’s most advanced underwater craft.  Prior to DeepFlight, our team developed advanced military underwater craft, successful commercial work systems, and record-breaking custom submarines. James Cameron used the Deep Rover submarines, designed by Graham Hawkes, to film Aliens of the Deep, an IMAX documentary.

Proven Track Record

DeepFlight’s patented technology has been proven through five generations, with operational depths all the way to 11,000m.  We have integrated DeepFlight craft into some of the most recognizable yachts and shore based operations around the world, with customers including venture capitalist Tom Perkins, Sir Richard Branson, and Red Bull co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz.

The Deepflight Advantage

A New Class of SubmarinesDeepFlight has redesigned personal submarines from the ground up, making underwater exploration easy, safe, and fun.
Engineering LeadershipThe DeepFlight team has industry-leading experience developing the world’s most advanced underwater vehicles.
SafetyCombining a patented fixed positive buoyancy design with state of the art technology, DeepFlight offers the safest personal submarines available.
Launch, Recovery, and TransportDeepFlight provides an integrated launch, recovery, and transport system for your sub, no matter where you are operating it from.
ReliabilityDeepFlight subs are designed specifically for reliability and minimal maintenance.
Environmentally FriendlyDesigned to have minimal impact on the environment, DeepFlight has zero acoustic and electric emissions and will never land on a reef