DeepFlight Super Falcon

Introducing Underwater Flight The Super Falcon represents the pinnacle of personal submarine technology, allowing you to fly underwater. Barrel roll with dolphins, spy-hop with whales, or cruise through underwater canyons, all in style, safety, and comfort. More

Fly Underwater

Forget everything you know about submarines: the Super Falcon leverages the principles and dynamics of flight by incorporating a patented inverted winged design.  It is the underwater equivalent of an airplane. Diving in a Super Falcon is a radically different experience from a conventional submarine, connecting you to the blue space around you like never before.

Safety Paramount

Designed with safety as the number one criteria, all Super Falcon craft are subject to DeepFlight’s stringent testing standards, and are proof-pressure tested for safety. Unlike conventional submarines which use variable ballast systems, the Super Falcon incorporates fixed positive buoyancy  — with auto return to the surface — providing unparalleled safety.

Lightweight with a Small Footprint

At 1800 kg and only 5.9 m in length, the Super Falcon is able to fit on more yachts than any other submarine on the market (with the exception of her sister sub the Dragon), with little or no retrofit required.  We provide integration services onto yachts as well as into shore-based operations, inclusive with a purchase.

Intuitive Cockpit

Unlike traditional submarines with cockpits as complicated as a 747, the Super Falcon employs intuitive controls, fly-by-wire technology, and a simple layout, enabling you to dive your Super Falcon with minimal training. If Apple designed a submarine cockpit, this would be the one.

Environmentally Friendly

With its high-efficiency brushless DC drivetrain and underwater lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack, the Super Falcon is fast, clean and quiet. A 40V system voltage and low electric signature make the Super Falcon safe to operate around swimmers, as well as any large marine animals you might encounter.


Length5.9 m (19.3 ft)
Width2.7 m (8.8 ft)
Height1.6 m (5.2 ft)
Weight1,800 kg (3,968 lbs)
Operating Depth100 m (330 ft)
Payload250 kg (551 lbs)