Fixed Positive Buoyancy

DeepFlight submarines are designed to always be in a state of positive buoyancy, and do not incorporate variable ballast systems present in conventional submarines. When left alone, all DeepFlight craft float. In order to dive, you must maintain thrust, much like an airplane or helicopter. If you were ever to lose power while underwater, just take your hands off the controls and your sub will float back to the surface naturally.  For more information, please refer to our FAQ section.

Emergency Flotation System

All DeepFlight subs come equipped with an emergency gasbag system, which is completely mechanically operated and independent from the rest of the sub. In case of emergency, inflating the gasbags will turn the sub into a giant yellow life raft. You can then easily open the hatch and climb out.

Redundant Life Support

DeepFlight submarines come equipped with two independent oxygen supplies and two separate carbon dioxide filtration units, providing redundant safety for up to 24 hours of continuous operation. Easy to read digital instrumentation in the cockpit makes management of life support straightforward and user-friendly.

Communications and Tracking

With included UQC through-water communications and optional Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) tracking, you can confidently maintain contact between the sub and surface crew. DeepFlight submarines also come equipped with marine grade VHF radios for surface-to-surface communications.