Launch, Recovery, and Transport

Launch and Recovery Dock (LRD)

Included with your purchase, the LRD is a robust, safe, and easy way of loading people into and out of the submarine while it is in the water.  It provides significant freeboard and floatation during the launch and recovery process.  Refer to our FAQ section for more information about launch and recovery.

Surface Towing

The LRD can be configured for longer range and higher speed towing, allowing you to access remote dive locations from a shore base, or without needing to relocate your yacht.

Ramp and Beach Launching

DeepFlight submarines are easily launched from shore using standard boat trailers or specially configured beach crawlers.

The Deepflight Advantage

A New Class of SubmarinesDeepFlight has redesigned personal submarines from the ground up, making underwater exploration easy, safe, and fun.
Engineering LeadershipThe DeepFlight team has industry-leading experience developing the world’s most advanced underwater vehicles.
SafetyCombining a patented fixed positive buoyancy design with state of the art technology, DeepFlight offers the safest personal submarines available.
Launch, Recovery, and TransportDeepFlight provides an integrated launch, recovery, and transport system for your sub, no matter where you are operating it from.
ReliabilityDeepFlight subs are designed specifically for reliability and minimal maintenance.
Environmentally FriendlyDesigned to have minimal impact on the environment, DeepFlight has zero acoustic and electric emissions and will never land on a reef