Environmentally Friendly


High-efficiency brushless DC drivetrains and underwater lithium iron phosphate battery packs ensure DeepFlight submarines are fast, clean and quiet. DeepFlight batteries typically last for up to 6 hours of normal operation between charges,  are environmentally sound.

Safe Around Marine Life

A 40V system voltage and low-electric signature make the subs safe to operate around swimmers, as well as any large marine animals you might encounter.

The Deepflight Advantage

A New Class of SubmarinesDeepFlight has redesigned personal submarines from the ground up, making underwater exploration easy, safe, and fun.
Engineering LeadershipThe DeepFlight team has industry-leading experience developing the world’s most advanced underwater vehicles.
SafetyCombining a patented fixed positive buoyancy design with state of the art technology, DeepFlight offers the safest personal submarines available.
Launch, Recovery, and TransportDeepFlight provides an integrated launch, recovery, and transport system for your sub, no matter where you are operating it from.
ReliabilityDeepFlight subs are designed specifically for reliability and minimal maintenance.
Environmentally FriendlyDesigned to have minimal impact on the environment, DeepFlight has zero acoustic and electric emissions and will never land on a reef