DeepFlight Adventures

Offering Underwater Tours at Select Resorts Exclusive resorts are differentiating their brand by partnering with DeepFlight Adventures to offer extraordinary underwater excursions to their guests. The Oceans are limitless. So are the possibilities to explore them. More

Extraordinary Underwater Adventures

DeepFlight Adventures provides resort guests with the opportunity of a lifetime – a thrilling underwater excursion in a Super Falcon 3S submarine to explore the mystery and magic of our oceans. DeepFlight trained pilots take guests beneath the ocean surface to observe vibrant coral reefs, explore ancient shipwrecks, or fly alongside majestic sea creatures, including whales, dolphins and sharks.

Opening the Oceans

Working together, DeepFlight and partner Resorts are opening up the oceans to engage guests in our amazing ocean ecosystems. DeepFlight Adventures allow guests to be ocean explorers – observing the incredible variety of sea life, creating a connection with some of the ocean’s most majestic animals, and gaining a better understanding of the vital role of our oceans.

World’s Most Innovative Submarine

Ignite the spirits and captivate the imaginations of resorts guests as they fly thru the water in one of the world’s most innovative submarines. Proven through five generations, DeepFlight’s Super Falcon 3S transforms the typical elevator-like experience of traditional submarines into a 3-dimensional flight through blue space. The Super Falcon 3S provides the range and speed to keep pace with whales, dolphins, and other sea creatures, and can safely do barrel rolls, and bank like a jet. The Super Falcon 3S was designed to be fast, clean and quiet. It’s safe to operate around coral reefs, shipwrecks, marine animals, and even swimmers. Massive thrills. Zero impact.

In Partnership with Rainbowfish

DeepFlight and Shanghai-based Rainbowfish Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. have combined their valuable expertise and experience in ocean exploration, engineering, and adventure travel to launch DeepFlight Adventures. Rainbowfish is leading the research and development of deepsea technology in China. Their newly launched research vessel M/V Zhang Jian provides an advanced platform for full ocean-depth exploration.