DeepFlight Adventures

Offering Extraordinary Underwater Excursions at Select Resorts Booking Info

Extraordinary Underwater Excursions

DeepFlight Adventures provides resort guests with the opportunity of a lifetime – a thrilling underwater excursion in a Super Falcon 3S submarine to explore the mystery and magic of our oceans. DeepFlight trained pilots take guests beneath the ocean surface to observe vibrant coral reefs, explore ancient shipwrecks, or fly alongside majestic sea creatures.

The oceans are limitless. So are the possibilities to explore them.

Partnership with Resorts and Tour Operators

Exclusive resorts and tour operators are differentiating their brands by partnering with DeepFlight Adventures to offer submarines excursions to their guests. DeepFlight Adventures allows guests to be ocean explorers – observing the incredible variety of sea life, creating a connection with some of the ocean’s most majestic animals, and gaining a better understanding of the vital need to conserve our ocean planet.

Ignite the spirits and captivate the imaginations of your guests.

World’s Most Innovative Submarine

Super Falcon 3S was designed specifically for underwater tourism, and to introduce underwater flight as a new luxury activity at resorts and other locations. Incorporating the most advanced materials and safety features, Super Falcon 3S is the first composite submarine certified by Lloyds Register, a leading maritime certification agency. Guests are kept safe and dry in their individual, air-conditioned cockpits as a trained pilot takes them on thrilling underwater flights. No need to worry about the environment, the submarine never lands on the bottom or on reefs, and is safe to operate around animals and even swimmers.

Massive Thrills. Zero Impact.