DeepFlight was founded in 1996 by world-renowned engineer Graham Hawkes and Karen Hawkes to develop innovative underwater vehicles to expand human access into the oceans. The Company’s guiding principle has been the need to transition to underwater flight in order to truly explore and experience the oceans. Imagine flying alongside whales, sharks and dolphins; exploring uncharted shipwrecks; or hovering over pristine coral reefs.  What once was a dream is now your reality!

Over the years, our engineering team has led the way in innovative submarine design and capabilities. DeepFlight subs are now considered a fundamentally new type of underwater craft. Our newest model, the Super Falcon 3S was specifically created for underwater recreation and adventure tourism. Beginning in 2017, DeepFlight Adventures, a partnership between DeepFlight and Shanghai-based Rainbowfish Ocean Technologies, will be offering piloted excursions in the Super Falcon 3S for guests at select international resorts.

Whether you are looking to buy your own submarine, or just have an experience of a lifetime, DeepFlight provides the ideal accessory for resorts, tour operators, and superyachts owners. Our submarines provide a comfortable, safe, and exciting way to explore the underwater world, enabling an exhilarating flight through blue space!