Why DeepFlight is Building the New Dragon Submarine

July 17,2015

Here at DeepFlight, we have a long history of providing high-end personal submarines for a variety of clients. To do that, we’ve built a number of models over the years and made changes in response to feedback. And now we’re in the process of sea tests on our newest submarine: the Dragon.

Here’s how we got to this point.

The History of the DeepFlight Dragon

Two years ago, at the Monaco Yacht Show, we started taking a look at how we could make sure DeepFlight subs were hands-down the ultimate in personal subs. That meant expanding our line to a submarine that could be easier to use for more people, or even be made available to resorts for their guests.

Even though the Super Falcon was already one of the smallest subs on the market, we realized that we could make an even more compact submarine. Once finished, the Dragon will be able to be stored, launched, and recovered just like a tender on a yacht. It can also easily be operated from shore, via a beach or boat ramp, just like a small boat.

We also knew that people love piloting their own personal submarines. (Why hand over the keys to your brand new sports car to the chauffeur?) Although the Super Falcon is relatively easy to pilot, it does require training, which we provide. While we will continue to offer the Super Falcon for our more intrepid and enthusiastic explorers, we wanted to make a sub that would be even easier to fly.

The Dragon will require just a short explanatory intro and then anyone can get behind the controls. To make this possible and safe, we designed a system called the DeepFlight Dive Manager. It’s a controlled system that monitors and adjusts the oxygen flow, battery life, depth control, and altitude control. In the Dragon, for example, you won’t need to adjust your own oxygen; the computer does it for you. You don’t need to worry about going too deep, because the computer won’t let you go below the depth limit. You don’t need to worry about hitting the bottom, because there are sensors that won’t let you get within a certain distance from the seafloor.

Of course, safety is always paramount. Like all DeepFlight submarines, the Dragon is also positively buoyant, meaning it automatically floats to the surface if anything should happen.

We also knew, from listening to our clients and people who were interested in flying under the water, that they wanted to be able to stop and hover over interesting things they saw. The Super Falcon operates much like a plane, meaning it uses lift and drag as it moves. But planes don’t stop in mid-flight! The Dragon will operate more like a helicopter, allowing you to hover and admire the view.

The team was inspired by the quadcopters they saw racing through the air. And the Dragon might look like the sleekest quadcopter out there, but it’s really the newest DeepFlight submarine, built with our clients’ needs in mind!

With the parts assembled on the first-ever Dragon model, sea tests started this week as we get ready to unveil the new submarine at the place that started it all, the Monaco Yacht Show. Stay up to date as we finish building and testing the Dragon. You won’t want to miss the newest DeepFlight submarine!