DeepFlight at Work on Dragon Pressure Hull and Fuselage

June 6,2015

The DeepFlight team is hard at work building out the prototype for the new Dragon submarine, which will take underwater flight to the next level. If the DeepFlight Super Falcon is a plane that flies underwater, then the Dragon is a helicopter. It will allow pilots to hover and will be easier to fly.

On Tuesday, the pressure hull for the Dragon arrived at the shop and we’ve started fitting components on it already.


The team is also working on the final assembly and testing of the battery system for the Dragon. One of the goals with the Dragon is to increase the battery capacity, but at the same time reduce the time it takes to charge. (No easy feat!) The new battery will have twice the capacity and the new charger can drive four times the current of the old one, which means charge time is cut in half. We’re about 90% done with this new system.

Testing and final assembly is also being done on the thruster and thrust control system this week. The new thrusters need to be highly efficient in order to keep the submarine hovering underwater without using up that battery.


The fuselage for the Dragon, which obviously has a completely different shape than previous DeepFlight submarines, is also out of its molds and the four parts have been lined up. After it was designed on the computer, we used a multi-step process to craft the mold out of fiberglass, so that all future Dragon submarines can be built from this mold.

Now, our next step is joining all the seams. By the middle of this month, we should be finished with the fuselage and have it in the shop.


The Dragon is coming to life!