DeepFlight at Work on Innovative Launch and Recovery Dock

May 21,2015

DeepFlight submarines give their pilots access to a whole world to fly through underwater. But first you have to get there.

The team is currently at work developing a new Launch and Recovery Dock—known as the LRD around the office. It is, essentially, an inflatable docking system that allows for easy and safe launching of the sub. With the LRD, you can tow the sub at speed and without passengers to a remote dive location or just tie it up to the side of a yacht. It also allows pilots to load in and out of the sub when it’s already in the water.

Dragon, Launch 1

How does it work?

Once you tow the sub to where you want to launch it from, then the pontoons on the Launch and Recovery Dock can be deflated, allowing the sub to float directly off the platform. When you come back from your dive just drive the sub over the deflated dock and the crew inflates the pontoons again using a compressed air source.

Dragon, Launch 2

Dragon, Launch 3

What this innovation does is allow for more flexibility to load and unload the sub where you want, making the whole process easier than having to load from the shore. The dock provides for a safe and stable platform for launching and recovery. Even if there’s a huge wave that washes over the whole sub and floods the entire pressure hull, the dock still keeps everything very positively buoyant.

Why are we building this? Because we want you to get your underwater flight started where you want to start it faster.

Dragon, Towable LRD