A New Class of Personal Submarine

Fly, Don’t Sink

DeepFlight craft represent a fundamentally new class of ultra-light personal submarines that operate on the same principles as aircraft.  By always being buoyant, and diving down using thrust and lift, DeepFlight subs have the range and speed necessary to truly explore 3-dimensional space underwater.  DeepFlight craft also possess an inherent safety advantage – if you turn everything off, they will just float right back to the surface!

New Materials for 21st Century Exploration

DeepFlight submarines have “pressurized” cockpits, meaning the pilot is always diving comfortably at atmospheric pressure. DeepFlight has developed an advanced proprietary composite material for use in construction of pressure hulls, protecting the human occupants safely, comfortably, and with minimum weight.

You Take the Controls

Traditionally, submarines have been large, complex machines requiring lengthy training periods in order to operate safely. DeepFlight has redefined this notion. Within a matter of hours, you will learn how to operate your DeepFlight sub to take you wherever you want to go underwater, with grace, ease, and undeniable style.