The DeepFlight Difference

DeepFlight has completely redefined personal submarines. Proven through five generations, our patented winged design enables our high performance craft to travel through the water with unprecedented speed, range and agility, transforming the two-dimensional elevator experience of conventional submersible dives into an exhilarating flight through blue space.  Dive with Great Whites.  Fly through underwater canyons.  Explore uncharted shipwrecks.  All from the comfort and safety of your submarine, launched right from your yacht or shore base.

Flying Instead of Sinking

DeepFlight craft represent a fundamentally new class of ultra-light personal submarines that operate on the same principles as aircraft.  By always being buoyant, and powering down using thrust and lift, DeepFlight personal submarines have the range and speed necessary to truly explore 3-dimensional space underwater.  They also possess an inherent safety advantage – if you turn everything off, they will just float right back to the surface!

Lower Operational Cost

DeepFlight craft can be operated at 1/10th the cost of conventional “sinking” submarines.  Why?  The combination of lower pressure hull volume and lightweight materials means DeepFlight craft can be launched from a variety of surface ships or shore options, including backed down a boat ramp.


Advanced Pressure Hulls

DeepFlight submarines have “pressurized” cockpits, meaning the pilot is always flying comfortably at atmospheric pressure.  The cockpit, or pressure hull, must be able to withstand ocean pressure and keep the occupants safe.  DeepFlight has developed an advanced proprietary composite material for use in construction of pressure hulls, protecting the human occupants safely, comfortably, and with minimum weight.


Battery and Propulsion Technology

Powerful proprietary brushless DC thrusters and lithium iron phosphate batteries power DeepFlight submarines underneath the waves at high sustained speed and range, while always being environmentally friendly.