Adam Wright, CEO

Sub Handle: Depth Charge
Hobbies: Designing Submarines, Outdoor Adventures, Travel, Mycology, Chinese Language
Education: BS Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley

Adam has been developing innovative ocean access technologies at DeepFlight for seventeen years. He led the design and build of several DeepFlight submarines, including the 37,000ft full-ocean depth Challenger III and the DeepFlight Super Falcon. As CEO of DeepFlight, Adam has led the company’s transition from an R&D start-up to a leading provider of submersibles for the superyacht and tourism industries. He is also Managing Director of DeepFlight Adventures, overseeing the company’s venture to provide unparalleled submarine experiences at select resort locations around the world.

Adam has lived and worked in China, speaks fluent Mandarin, and sits on the Boards of DeepFlight, DeepFlight Adventures, and Rainbowfish Ocean Technology.

Robert Chamberlain, Chief Operating Officer

Sub Handle: Gator
Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Skiing, Fine Wine
Education: BS Environmental Engineering University of Florida

Bob joined DeepFlight after successfully building early stage software and technology companies, including one successful IPO and three acquisitions. As Chief Operating Officer of DeepFlight, Bob handles the company’s business operations, including sales, marketing, and business partnerships. He’s also overseeing the operational launch of DeepFlight Adventures,  ensuring the venture becomes a leading player in the global underwater tourism business. Before joining DeepFlight, Bob was Vice President of Sales at JustShareIt, a disruptive car-sharing marketplace. Previous to JustShareIt, he held executive positions in several Silicon Valley start-ups,  including Consilient, Kiva Software, Netscape/HP, Continuous Software Corp, and Knowledgeware. Bob sits on the Boards of DeepFlight and DeepFlight Adventures.

Charles Chiau, Chief Technology Officer

Sub Handle: Pirate
Hobbies: Flying, Autonomous Systems, Anything Radio Controlled, Sailing, Building Robots, Adventure, Merging different technologies and people together
Education: BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Charles has been working in the subsea and aerospace industries for twelve years. As Engineering Director at DeepFlight, he is in charge of the overall build of the newest Super Falcon 3S submarine. Charles returns to DeepFlight from SpaceX where he was an Avionics Systems Integration Engineer for the Crew Dragon Vehicle. Charles also founded KaGe Labs, a company which engages in custom prototyping and exploratory designs for various robotics systems. Prior to that, he was a robotics systems engineer at SRI International working on high precision, dexterous tele-operated surgical and bomb disposal robotic manipulators and exoskeletons. Charles’ engineering career began at DeepFlight (then known as Hawkes Ocean Technologies) where he was Principal Electronics Engineer.

Karen Hawkes, Vice President of Communications and Media Relations

Sub Handle: Lady Hawk
Hobbies: Snow sports, Water sports, Film, Cycling, Travel, Cultural Exchanges
Education: BA International Relations/Russian, Colgate University; MA International Affairs Columbia University; MBA Marketing/International Business NYU Stern School of Business

Karen has over twenty years experience in communications and media relations, and has co-founded several  companies, including Precision Remotes, Hawkes Remotes, and DeepFlight (formerly Hawkes Ocean Technologies). As VP of Communications and Media Relations at DeepFlight, Karen is currently focused on establishing a global brand for DeepFlight’s sister company, DeepFlight Adventures.  Previously, Karen was an Associate Producer at American Adventure Productions in Aspen, CO, where she was responsible for developing adventure programming for major broadcast partners. Prior to that, she was an Associate at Kekst and Company, a leading corporate PR firm in New York City. Karen sits on the Board of DeepFlight and DeepFlight Adventures and is a member of the Board of Advisors for TEDxMarin.

Jay Tustin, Operations Director

Sub Handle: Nascar
Hobbies: Submerged/diving Technology, Oceanography, STEM education, Underwater World Travel, Outside Activities
Education: BS Industrial Technology, San Francisco State University; BS Marine Biology, San Francisco State University

Jay has served the oceanographic community for over two decades, both “on the beach” and offshore. Much of his time has been spent in academia supporting marine science and research, and in subsea engineering helping to push the technology envelope. As Operations Director at DeepFlight, Jay oversees all logistics regarding the manufacture and operation of the DeepFlight submarines. Prior to joining DeepFlight, he managed the build of the full ocean depth submersible, Challenger III, and was a key member of the team that built the Deep Rover research submersibles. Jay’s career vision is to continue to serve the oceanographic community and actively support the exploration, explanation, and preservation of the planet’s ocean spaces.

Randall Fletcher, Principal Mechanical Design Engineer

Sub Handle: Sandman
Hobbies: Snowboarding, Cooking and Traveling
Education: On the job training

Randall first joined DeepFlight in 2014 as Chief Designer of the DeepFlight Dragon submarine. He recently re-joined DeepFlight after a hiatus at GoogleX, where he worked on Project Loon, an initiative to launch a network of balloons designed to extend internet connectivity to remote locations. As DeepFlight’s Principal Mechanical Design Engineer, Randall is responsible for all of the mechanical design and overall look of the DeepFlight submarines.  Previously, Randall worked at Bigge Crane and Rigging where he was the lead designer on the world’s largest land-based crane, and also provided innovative designs for heavy rigging and transportation projects.

Eric Hobson, Principal Mechanical Engineer

Sub Handle: Iceman
Hobbies: Soccer, snowboarding, mountain biking
Education: BS Mechanical Engineering, CSU Chico

Eric first joined DeepFlight (then known as Hawkes Ocean Technologies) in 1995 as a Mechanical Engineer and worked on developing the first three prototype DeepFlight submarine models. In 1998, he transitioned to Lead Engineer, and most recently Director of Engineering, at Precision Remotes, a company that was spun out of DeepFlight. Precision is a world leader in innovating remotely operated systems for military applications. Eric rejoined DeepFlight in Spring 2017 as Principal Mechanical Engineer and is working on designing and building the newest Dragon and Super Falcon 3S submarines.

EDWIN CHIU, Lead Electronics Engineer

Sub Handle: Dr. Bunga
Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Photography
Education: MSEE in Electrical Engineering Control Systems, Stanford University.

Edwin has over ten years of senior electrical engineering design work for the vehicle and aerospace industries  As Principal Electronics Engineer at DeepFlight, Edwin is responsible for the overall electrical design of the newest Super Falcon 3S submarine. Previously, he co-founded Signal Laboratories, an advanced wireless communication lab that develops ultra-low power wireless networks in Menlo Park. Prior to that, he worked at SpaceX where he designed the electrical architecture and engine control electronics for the Falcon rocket, as well as designed the electronics used in all major vehicles built between 2008-2014.

MARK BAYBUTT, Head of Embedded Systems

Sub Handle: Buckeye
Hobbies: Ski mountaineering, Hiking, Mountain Biking, SCUBA, Robotics, Traveling
Education: BS Electrical engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology with a computer engineering focus, and an MS Electrical Engineering, Stanford University with a probabilistic robotics focus

Mark joins DeepFlight with many years experience working on advanced robotics, with an expertise in motion control, manipulation, sensing, and probabilistic techniques. Most recently, Mark was Associate R&D Director at SRI Robotics where he led the electrical development of a new robotic surgery platform which ventured from SRI as Verb Surgical, and was the Program Director on RoboMiner, a tele-operated robot for mine safety and exploration. He also served as a principal electrical engineer on several SRI Robotics projects, including the Taurus Dexterous Robot, used in remote handling of IEDs and a DARPA-funded humanoid robot. Prior to joining SRI, Mark completed graduate studies in Stanford University’s Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab (VAIL) working on low-cost autonomous driving solutions. Mark specializes in electronic system design and embedded software development, holds two U.S. patents and has been published in a number of professional journals.

Joshua Glovin, Submarine Operations Director

Sub Handle: Triton
Hobbies: Fishing, Salsa Dancing, Day Trading
Education: BS Business, San Jose State University

Josh has successfully led DeepFlight submarine expeditions in locations around the world, including Jordan, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Monterey, and the Caribbean. As DeepFlight’s Submarine Operations Director, Josh is leveraging his ten years of experience in marine operations to set-up location-based operations for DeepFlight Adventures. His combined interest in diving, marine science, and machinery initially led him to join Hawkes Ocean Technologies (now DeepFlight) as a junior technician in 2009. Previously, Josh served as Operations Manager at Hadal Inc, where he managed testing of AUVs and coordinated fabrication and assembly of vehicles systems, trained operations staff.

Shane Zigler, Submersible Operations Manager

Sub Handle: Miami
Hobbies: Boating, Exploring, Environmental Causes
Education: Environmental Studies, Indiana University; USCG Captain

Shane has over twenty years experience in the marine and hospitality industries. He is an experienced manned submersible expeditionary team leader, and has been involved with submarine expeditions around the world, including the Pacific Northwest, South Pacific, North Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and Mediterranean Sea. He comes to DeepFlight, having spent five years running marine operations for two ocean exploration companies, Brownies Global Logistics and OceanGate. Prior to that, Shane was Guest Relations and Recreation Manager at a Marriott Property. Shane is a USCG licensed Captain,  Medic-First Aid-CPR Instructor, and a Naturalist.  He is a Committee Member of the SouthEast Florida Coral Reef Initiative and is the proud father of baby Pearl.