The Deep Flight Underwater Flight Institute

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Motivated by the same irresistible dream that drove mankind to soar with the birds, Hawkes Ocean Technologies invites you to fly underwater a state of the art DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible.

The DeepFlight Underwater Flight School offers several different options to experience sub-sea flight:  one dive, one-day (2 dives); and a 3-day training and licensing course.

What: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the ocean, “flying” underwater in a state-of-the art submersible. Pilots will fly/dive with Graham Hawkes, founder of Hawkes Ocean Technologies and designer of the DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible.

Super Falcon Submersible: Super Falcon is the fourth generation winged submersible built by Hawkes Ocean Technologies, and is the full production version. Super Falcon is literally flown (maneuvered) in a positively buoyant state with aircraft-type controls via winged surfaces for pitch, roll and heading so that the craft is fully operable through all three rotational axis throughout horizontal travel and ascent and descent. The Super Falcon utilizes fly-by-wire flight control technology coupled with “heads-up” state-of-the-art flight instrumentation.

Levels of Flight Experience

One Dive – For those people interested in a unique experience, and not necessarily any training. Short land-based orientation and 45-60 minute dive in Super Falcon, with minimal instruction in maneuvers and fundamentals of flight control.

One-Day – Ground school, introduction to the Super Falcon, familiarization with controls and instrumentation, pre-dive check-list, safety procedures, introductory shallow orientation dive (15min), followed by instruction on basic maneuvers and fundamentals of flight control, followed by a longer dive to approx 100-200’ and 45-60 minutes in duration. Student pilot will practice procedures and maneuvers from rear seat, with Graham Hawkes flying in front seat as Pilot in Command. The one-day can be used towards the 3-day licensing and certification course. Note: 2 people are typically trained in the one-day course scheduled as morning and afternoon dives.

Three-Day Training and licensing course – Note: 2 people are typically trained in the three-day course scheduled as morning and afternoon dives each day.

Day 1 – Same as One-Day above.

Day 2 – Review of controls and instrumentation, pre-dive check-list and safety procedures, orientation to 3-axis underwater flight, use of communications systems, hands-on piloting and practice of thrust control and 3-axis maneuvers. The day includes two longer and deeper dives, each approximately 60 min. in duration. Depending on speed of individual progress and demonstrated proficiency the student may be permitted to pilot the Super Falcon from the front cockpit. Graham Hawkes will act as Pilot in Command, however the goal is to have the student pilot “fly the mission” on the second dive of the day.

Day 3 – Review of controls and instrumentation, safety procedures. Advanced instruction, emergency procedures including practice with reverse-thrusters, communications, and complex flight maneuvers, underwater navigation. Graham Hawkes will act as Pilot in Command from the rear cockpit. Depending on individual progress and proficiency, the student pilot will fly the Super Falcon from the front seat and assume responsibility for cockpit management including use of safety check-list, communications, life-support, and flight controls. Student pilot will have choice of mission on proficiency qualification dive. Certification dive will likely be below scuba depth (>100 fsw) and approximately 120 min. in duration. Upon satisfactory completion of dive, including demonstrated competence in procedures and flight proficiency, student will receive license. The license will enable the pilot to fly the Deep Flight Super Falcon as “crew pilot”, and with the accumulation of additional flight experience (log time to be determined), the “crew” restriction may be removed.