The Experience of Underwater Flight

Hover & Cruise or Dynamic Flight

DeepFlight submarines can provide a gentle ride or a dynamic flight through blue space. Hover and cruise in our Dragon, or bank over coral reefs in our Super Falcon models. Whether or not you encounter large marine mammals, the flight experience is enough to make this excursion a once in a lifetime, extraordinary adventure.

Comfort and Ideal Viewing

DeepFlight submarines are completely enclosed, so you remain dry throughout your dives. Each person sits comfortably in his/her own air-conditioned cockpit, legs outstretched, with clear domes overhead. Once underwater, the domes virtually disappear, providing a clear, 360-degree view of the surrounding sea life.

Every Dive is Unique

Each and every dive can be different, and you are likely seeing a piece of the plane no one else has seen before. Fly through schools of brightly colored fish, cruise over coral reefs, and if you are lucky,  have an up close and personal encounter with whales, sharks, turtles, or rays.