DeepFlight Super Falcon 3SDeepFlight's First 3-person Submarine
DeepFlight DragonFreedom to Explore
DeepFlight Super FalconExperience Underwater Flight

Proven through five generations, and certified by Lloyd’s Register, our high-performance craft travel through the water with unprecedented speed, range, and agility, transforming the two-dimensional elevator experience of conventional submersibles into an exhilarating flight through blue space. Dive with Great Whites. Fly through underwater canyons. Navigate uncharted shipwrecks. All from the comfort and safety of your DeepFlight submarine. Explore our three models of submarines below.

DeepFlight Super Falcon 3S

Super Falcon 3S is the newest DeepFlight submarine. It was specifically designed to allow passengers to share the underwater adventure with a friend or family member. Beginning in 2018, select resorts will be offering piloted excursions for their guests in the Super Falcon 3S. Each person benefits from their own cast-acrylic hemispherical canopy that provides a 360-degree view of the surrounding sea life.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”    
– Jacques Cousteau

DeepFlight Dragon

Optimally designed for operation from yachts, DeepFlight Dragon is the most lightweight and compact personal submarine available, often fitting in most yacht garages without the need to retrofit.  Dragon might look like a Formula One racecar, but it’s innovative technology enables pilots to dive, fly and hover easily underwater.

“DeepFlight ‘Dragon’ enables complete freedom to cruise alongside deep coral reefs and hover over ancient shipwrecks.”
– DesignBoom

DeepFlight Super Falcon

DeepFlight pioneered underwater flight with its flagship sub, DeepFlight Super Falcon. Hailed as the Lear Jet of the oceans, the all-electric (zero emissions) Super Falcon has been designed for easy use from yacht or shore to explore ocean life. Like all DeepFlight submarines, Super Falcon is positively buoyant, meaning the craft automatically floats to the surface.

“Super Falcon is a masterpiece. It has exceeded my wildest imagination.”
– Tom Perkins, Venture capitalist, Owner of a DeepFlight Super Falcon