DeepFlight, backed by a seasoned team of designers and engineers, develops a fundamentally new type of personal submarine that is a combination submersible and high performance aircraft. By completely redesigning the concept of a submarine and applying the principles and dynamics of flight, DeepFlight craft are faster, lighter, inherently safer, and have a more inspiring design than any recreational submarine ever conceived. The underwater world, which has been inaccessible for so long, can finally be opened up to private exploration and recreation at significant scale.

DeepFlight was founded in 1996 by world-renown ocean engineer Graham Hawkes as an R&D enterprise with the goal of developing innovative underwater technologies to expand human access into the oceans. Our high performance personal submarines are the embodiment of this goal – a new type of underwater vehicle that relies on aerodynamic principles of lift and drag, rather than classical principles of buoyancy and displacement. With DeepFlight, the same jump that was made in airspace when fixed wing aircraft replaced blimps and airships, has now been applied underwater. Since its founding, DeepFlight has developed five generations of personal submarines, including DeepFlight 1, Aviator, Challenger, Merlin, and Super Falcon, each one representing a technological improvement over its predecessor. Our latest model, the Dragon continues to innovate by enabling the ability to hover and fly underwater.

DeepFlight personal submarines are ideal accessories for superyachts, resorts, and tour operators. They provide a comfortable, safe, and exciting way to explore the underwater world in three dimensions – turning the elevator experience of a conventional submarine dive into an exhilarating flight through blue space.