Company History

Hawkes Ocean Technologies was founded in 1995 by renowned ocean engineer and visionary Graham Hawkes with a singular objective: to unlock the world’s oceans to human access. Hawkes, by leveraging his substantial experience in traditional submersible and remotely operated vehicle design, introduced Deep Flight 1, the world’s first submersible that operated purely on the principles of flight. With this vehicle, the same technological advance was made underwater as was made in the air many decades before, with the transition from dirigibles to fixed-wing aircraft. Originally conceived as a small “skunkworks” of advanced custom manned submersibles, Hawkes Ocean Technologies went on to produce four more generations of Deep Flight submersibles: Deep Flight Aviator (2003), Deep Flight Challenger (2007), Deep Flight Super Falcon (2007) and Deep Flight Merlin (2009), through contracts with such clients as Steve Fossett, Tom Perkins, and Richard Branson.

Although there will always be a manned presence in the world’s oceans, ocean access in the 21st century will trend increasingly toward such unmanned solutions as ROVs and AUVs. Realizing this trend and leveraging its experience with innovative manned submersible technologies, HOT entered the arena of unmanned vehicles by forming a strategic partnership with Bluefin Robotics to develop SpiderOptic ROVs, a new and game-changing type of remotely operated vehicle. HOT has also further diversified itself by partnering with Rolls-Royce Marine and several government agencies to develop military applications for advanced submersible technologies.

In addition to ocean-related technologies, HOT has also developed a number of other ground-breaking products, most notably the Telepresent Rapid Aiming Platform (TRAP) which is now owned and manufactured by Precision Remotes Inc, a multi million dollar firm serving the defense and law enforcement industry. Through strategic partnerships and maintaining small-scale production of custom manned submersibles, HOT has positioned itself as a leading provider of design, engineering, and prototyping services across a wide range of industries.