Clients / Partners


Tom Perkins

Tom Perkins, of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers venture capital fame, was the first private owner of a DeepFlight Super Falcon.  Formerly operated from the Maltese Falcon, the largest private sailing ship on Earth, Tom’s Super Falcon is currently on board his new ship, Dr. No, exploring the South Pacific and beyond.  Follow his South Pacific tour with DeepFlight Super Falcon #002 at

“The Super Falcon is a masterpiece.  It has exceeded my wildest imagination.”  –Tom Perkins


Dietrich Mateschitz

The co-founder of Redbull purchased a DeepFlight Super Falcon in early 2013 as a unique addition to his luxury resort on Laucala Island, Fiji.  Keep an eye on for more information.


Sir Richard Branson

In 2010, Sir Richard Branson commissioned DeepFlight to build a custom three-seat open-cockpit submersible.  Thus the DeepFlight Merlin was born, later named the Necker Nymph and operated from Branson’s yacht, the Necker Belle.  Branson has also been a vocal supporter of DeepFlight, and has had several dives in a Super Falcon.

“The sub handled beautifully, descended to 100 ft smoothly, then straight up, bursting through the surface of the water.  We went in search of Great White sharks, when suddenly, one appeared.  Graham Hawkes, the genius behind the submarine, was shouting like an excited schoolboy, and so was I.”  — Sir Richard Branson, when speaking of his first dive in a Super Falcon


Steve Fossett

In late 2005, adventurer Steve Fossett commissioned the design and construction of the DeepFlight Challenger, a single seat sub capable of diving to the bottom of the the Marianas Trench.  DeepFlight developed many key technologies during the Challenger project, including use of carbon and glass composites for use in pressure vessels.  Fossett tragically died in a plane crash in 2007 before the project could be completed.


Bob Metcalfe

Bob Metcalfe, inventor of the Ethernet and founder of 3Com, was one of the first individuals trained to pilot a DeepFlight  Super Falcon.

“Deepflight subs are not underwater elevators like most deep water subs.  There is nothing like pulling back on Super Falcon’s joystick and heading straight up to the surface, breaching the water like a whale.”  — Bob Metcalfe


Bluefin Robotics

Bluefin Robotics partnered with DeepFlight in 2012 to develop cutting edge Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), beginning with the U4000.  The U4000 is a revolutionary new type of battery-powered ROV ideally suited for subsea survey and the rigorous IRM tasks of the oil and gas industry. Boasting SpiderOptic tether technology, a hefty supply of on-board power and multiple payloads, the U4000 is set to revolutionize the ROV industry.