A New Class of Personal Submarine

Fly, Don’t Sink

DeepFlight submarines represent a fundamentally new type of ultra-lightweight personal submarines that operate on the same principles as aircraft. Unlike all other conventional submarines that get heavy and sink, DeepFlight submarines are positively buoyant and dive by using the power of thrust and downward lift on the wings. By adding in the dimension of flight, DeepFlight submarines not only provide a new and exciting way of moving through the water, but also have the range and speed to truly explore the 3-dimensional space underwater. DeepFlight submarines also possess an inherent safety advantage — if you turn everything off, they will just float right back to the surface!

New Materials for 21st Century Exploration

DeepFlight submarines are the first composite personal submarines to be classed by Lloyds Register, a leading marine certification authority. The composite pressure hulls allow us to maintain our high safety standards, while greatly reducing the weight of the craft, and providing comfortable cockpits for our passengers.

You Take the Controls

Conventional submarines are large, complex machines, requiring lengthy training periods in order to operate safely. DeepFlight has re-defined this notion; taking away the barriers to owning submarines, and enabling easy operation by private owners. A training package is included with your purchase so that soon after delivery, you will be able to take your DeepFlight submarine on extraordinary adventures with grace, ease and undeniable style.